Rejoice in the Lord always:

and again I say, Rejoice. — Philippians 4:4


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WE FIRST TRAVELED TO MALAYSIA in 2009. It is the most diverse country that we have ministered in so far. This is because it is a Muslim nation that includes people groups descending from India and China as well as the native Malay people. The main people that we minister to are the Malaysian Chinese English speaking group, but we also minister to some people from the Indian culture.

In Malaysia we go to 2 different locations—one being the island of Langkawi and the other one being Kulim on the mainland. On Langkawi, there is a network of several churches that we minister in.

Although it is a beautiful place, we find that the people there have a sincere heart, but also have many spiritual needs. Kulim is a heavily populated area with many different cultures. This creates a very unique society full of challenges and a great evangelistic field of ministry. When we are in Malaysia, we truly enjoy the incredible variety of delicious food that is offered.

Although it is a challenge in that it is illegal to witness to the native born Malay Muslims, we are blessed that we are able to minister to the other people groups. We continue to pray for more doors to open up for us to minister there.